Personal development through the performing arts

Carmen Rico

Stage cardiologist, she studied at the Community of Madrid Film School (ECAM) and SCRIPT at the NEW YORK FILM ACADEMY in New York (with a talent scholarship for the development of professionals from the Ministry of Culture). She has received classes in almost all the techniques currently developed by Taborelli, José Carlos Plaza, John Strasberg, or Marjorie Ballantines, among others.

As a screenwriter and director, she completed Masters in directing actors/esses at the Augusto Fernandes school. Carlos Gandolfo, Lito Cruz and Agustín Alezzo in Buenos Aires. She has written the screenplays for TOC, Cuando no importe, El síndrome de Caperucita Roja y El pezón de Elena.

With more than 100 awards as a director and screenwriter, she has filmed the documentary “All about barbara” and the short films “El espacio de las apariencias”“Ricardo Piezas descatalogadas”“Alianza Mortal” and “Little Sammuel”. She has also directed and produced theater. His latest work has been the documentary film “El jardín invencible” currently in distribution. He has been part of the selection committees for audiovisual projects for the Ministry of Culture of Santiago de Chile, as well as the jury for festivals. Cinema.

Author of “Los 100 días de actor-iz” and “Los 100 miedos del actor-iz” Her next book “The EGO and the ACTOR” is still under review. She is currently developing her methodology, Emotional Branches, and the Quantum theories in creation for actors/ices, authors and creatives. He works on Neuro-Scene, and investigates vibrational language as a technique to develop for film and TV. He has worked with more than 7,000 actors around the world.