Personal development through the performing arts

Marlene Jöbstl

Artist, teacher, researcher. Marlène Jöbstl is a polyglot with dual culture France/Austria, born in 1975, she lives in Barcelona.

He found his profession in the theater with his first stage direction in Vienna, in 1995. Then he trained in theater art with Monsieur Jacques Lecoq in Paris in 1998 and with Philippe Gaulier in London in 2000. During a stay in Paris, in 2002 , is going through an artistic identity crisis. It was here that she discovered butō with Yumiko Yoshioka and it was a revelation: butō is placed between theater and dance, an underground, unknown path that claims freedom, authenticity, that includes and does not exclude.

She represents a non-conventional and responsible art, where beauty and poetry triumph, where dance is a vehicle to reach complex depths.

Marlène plays with paradox, humor and provocation; questions what is established with a poetic and political background and framework. Her specialties are stage direction and choreography, creation and interpretation, pedagogical and artistic research, as well as site-specific performance. He has 27 years of experience in the performing arts.