Personal development through the performing arts

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You can rent Espai Philae for various activities related to our work.

The space is ideal for:

Courses, workshops, and seminars related to Performing Arts, such as physical and vocal training, dance, or theater, as well as presentations, conferences, and exhibitions related to the artistic field or personal development.


Services and offerings

Floating Pine Wood Flooring
Meditation mats and cushions
Ducted air conditioning
Gradual lighting
Microphone stand and wireless microphone
Projection screen
Sound system


Espai Philae is a space of 236m² distributed as follows:

  • An open-plan rehearsal room for classes or workshops, covering 105m² with a height of 4.5 meters.
  • A changing room, three toilets, sinks, and two showers.
  • An office area and a lounge room with sofas for relaxation.

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