Personal development through the performing arts


Graduations of emotion in front of the camera

With Carmen Rico

National and international professionals know the need for new development highways of creation and empowerment of our emotions to evolve as performers.

We train to improve our proposals and explore how far I can go with new interpretive techniques. Our creative processes are evolutionary and require more and more immediacy and resolution. Audiovisual challenges require our audacity and hence our constant training.

MICROEMOTIONS are an interpretation system for audiovisual format developed from IMAGINATION, the character-memory frame. Emotion is graded through details, the brain works with our interior images. All these detailed images make up emotional stops through which the actor lives and the character lives. These graduations-transits enrich the character with details from a purely visual-emotional place.


  • Activate ourselves in the new references of interpretation for a permanent update as creators.
  • How to activate and enable EMOTIONS and how to develop their usefulness within our profession.
  • Prepare ACTORS/ICES with constantly developing emotional strength in front of the camera.
  • Through the form (separate, film script, series chapter, play) find out the exact material of my character, through the imaginary (image).
  • The search for the detail, the stop, the transit, the minimum that discovers unique to each actor/iz.


  • MICROEMOTIONS: understanding the visible and the invisible (I cannot express what I do not understand)
  • Use the word SUBJECT/the word OBJECT/the word IMAGE
  • THE MICRO-STOPS of EMOTIONS: symbolic language / non-verbal languages.
  • CREATION of all types of memories that are in use in the scene: individual memory, collective memory, shared memory, asymmetric memory.
  • THE MICRONARRATIONS. Trajectory of the Image in the UNIVERSAL world (what everyone recognizes) to the particular world of the character (what I will do so that they understand me).

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