Personal development through the performing arts

Carola Zafarana

Carola Zafarana is a singer and actress. She was born in the Netherlands to an Italian father and a Dutch mother. She started with music and theater from a very young age, she pursued a career as a pianist and dedicated herself to accompanying lyrical singers for more than ten years. When she moved to Barcelona at almost 30 years old, she began to dedicate herself to singing when she learned about mantras in Kundalini Yoga classes. She studied experimental theater in Barcelona with Jessica Walker and was a member of the Laboratorio Teatro Company. She gives voice and singing workshops, both individually and in a group and accompanies classes of different types of yoga and meditation with her voice and sings at retreats, training sessions, and theater festivals. Where she likes to be most is on stage, singing boleros or any other repertoire. She writes poetry and also stories that often become songs.

“I love singing in spaces where the audience is very close to the stage, creating an intimate atmosphere, always with humor and a very happy heart. I don’t like the distance between the artist and the public. I look for the public’s gaze, I look for the closeness. It excites me to see how faces and bodies change when they are with me, with the music, when I tell them the stories of the songs and they let themselves be felt. Because if not, what? We are alive!”. “Listening to Carola is traveling to a deep place in yourself that you didn’t know”, Ángela Palacios (actress).