Personal development through the performing arts

Victoria Colom

AfroYin® Method Facilitator

Trained in Gestalt Therapy and therapeutic chiromassage.

As a child, she had danced folklore and classical dance. Also at 18 years old, he had trained in aerobic gymnastics at the ECAF Institute in Rosario. She studies at the Faculty of Psychology until, as she herself describes, she experiences an internal break that leads her to question what she has built up to that moment. Remember that it was in one of Pepa del Olmo’s workshops, when she asked him: here and now, what do you want to do? His response was dance! Yeah! Without thinking about it, she decided to follow the impulse of her heart and had a ‘causal encounter’ with Afro-Venezuelan dances, which have accompanied her for 20 years.

She continued diving into the Duende Oriental Dance of the creator Yumma Mudra, with La Negra Gómez Romero and later, in the Sarabi Method of Devorah Korek.

He continued investigating the body through Therapeutic Chiromassage at the Sagrada Familia School, and the introduction to Ayurvedic massage with Connie Marín.

In 2005, she opened herself to the immense world of energy therapies, meditation and different tools to calm the nervous system and balance the energy centers with the help of Rosa Puerto (Daina) and Elsa Farrús Rusiñol. In 2012, he began the formation of AfroYin®, which without knowing it would become the bridge that would unite this ‘little great journey’, becoming the source through which to express his passion and love for life, through the sessions. and workshops that he has been teaching for years.

Currently, he continues to supervise himself with those he considers his guides of the heart: Ana Carrera Duque and Azul Ochoa, attending seminars, workshops and individual sessions, since the Afroyin® method is lived in the present and evolves together with consciousness and life.