Personal development through the performing arts


The Espai Philae team recognizes ourselves as imperfect humans, eager to grow alongside every person who enters our “sacred” space of well-being and creativity.
That is why we offer our services to all of you based on the deeply rooted values of Theater and Consciousness:

“Humanity, authenticity, freedom, excellence, courage, commitment, nobility, generosity, creativity, depth”

Thank you for your trust!

Anna Sabaté

Founder and Director
"I love to know what is simmering within your soul.
Offer me your truth and you will have me at your feet forever."

Anna Masides (Anni)

Academic Coordinator
"I believe in the human being and in how culture transforms us."

Natalye Carballo

Communication Manager
"Destruction is another form of creation. Even when I am devastated, sad, lost, or empty, the answers always come from my body, through art."

Xavi Siles

"I love connecting with people, especially through vulnerability, and always with a sense of humor."