Personal development through the performing arts

Your voice – a journey to the heart

With Carola Zafarana

Carola loves to see and feel how people discover enjoyment in their singing. Singing is innate to human beings, we express ourselves through our voices since the beginning of time. It’s not about singing well, it’s not even about doing a lot of technical exercises, it’s much more about remembering. Feel how your breathing takes place by itself, without doing anything special because that’s how we were born. Singing itself brings that memory in a very simple way and for this we need confidence and the desire to open ourselves to everything that singing gives us. Desire to open and feel the body. And thus connect with our heart.

She uses mantras a lot because it has been through them that she has rediscovered her own voice and her own singing. Mantras for her are like love songs or intimate conversations with herself, a loving way of plugging into life. She loves mantras and through them reaching that big smile of the body, falling in love again and again with the silence that follows afterwards, that magical time-no-time. There we enter into something wonderful, feeling it, experiencing it, enjoying it. Each person with their unique voice and expression. That said, she is also a passionate lover of boleros, ballads and rancheras, as well as medicine songs and lullabies. Carola sings all of them in my own way, free improvisation fascinates me. And she deeply believes that through singing, expressing ourselves, in a very simple and everyday way, we can remember that our essence is to enjoy and that we are here to enjoy ourselves and spread joy!


  • Enjoy your own voice
  • Make peace with your own voice
  • Body awareness, feeling the body
  • Get into confidence with your breathing
  • Deep internal and external listening
  • Experiment and learn from silence
  • Discover the pleasure of expressing yourself


  • Singing mantras, medicine songs, lullabies, boleros and more
  • Free improvisations
  • Voice work through games, movement and exercises
  • Discover different ways to breathe – the diaphragm
  • Learning about the voice as a healer
  • Deep relaxation with sound at the end of each class

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