Personal development through the performing arts

Teatro y Consciencia© Level 2

With Anna Sabaté

One of the great weaknesses in our relationships with other human beings lies in our lack of self-knowledge. We cannot truly delve into others if we have not delved into our own being first. A challenge that we address at Espai Philae through the performing arts in the Theater and Consciousness© Level 1 course. But there is another major weakness: the tyranny of the ego that prevents us from listening and empathizing with others. This second level of Theater and Consciousness© is born to confront it.

Did you walk that first path with Anna Sabaté? Well, we invite you to continue forward. Theater is undoubtedly the most complete art of all: it encompasses the mind, body, voice, and emotion. From all these dimensions, we access our purest state, and from all these dimensions, we now want to transcend the limits of our selves to enjoy healthier and more authentic relationships. Interpersonal relationships are a part of our lives. We must learn to live them from the heart. And the performing arts allow us to do so.

Creativity. Sensory perception. Transformation. Symbiosis. Imagination. Research. Dance. Movement. Improvisation. Conflict. Communication. Acceptance. Theater and Consciousness© Level 2 offers learning of interpersonal competencies such as active listening, empathy, compassion, vulnerability, or non-judgment through the Sabaté Method® . A combination of theater, Gestalt psychotherapy, coaching techniques, and neurolinguistic programming, among other disciplines.

Enter into a different way of relating. Venture into an unknown territory of tools that will allow you to enjoy more genuine, free, and liberating connections. We use art as a way to access the unconscious and expand the map of our possibilities and solutions. They are there. But they cannot see the light from thought alone. They must be experienced. And what better way to experience them than through theatrical characters and scenes? It’s experiential. It’s effective. It’s fun. And above all, it’s deep and essential.


  • Provide the necessary tools for understanding theatrical technique to address discourse or situations involving interaction.
  • Observe and enhance communicative and interpersonal skills.
  • Foster the creativity and expressiveness of the artist based on the poetics of the imagination.
  • Analysis of gestalt defense mechanisms that hinder the creative life of the student.
  • Discover oneself in relation to others, objects, and space.
  • Enhance relationships based on interconnectedness.
  • The richness in oppositions and polarities.
  • Work on dramatic and scenic creation in relation to space and others.
  • Provide the necessary resources for character construction.
  • Relationships. Interpersonal skills through different masks.
  • The mask and the actor’s diverse realities.
  • Resilience and the ability to transform.
  • Experience the behavior and emotion of a character.
  • Work on scenes proposed by the group, the teacher, or arising from the student’s needs.
  • Foundations of an actor in front of a text: objective, strategies, conflict.
  • Create dramatic texts.



  • Synthesis of scenic construction and expression.
  • Actor’s dramaturgy: creativity from chaos and scenic impulse.
  • Sensory and physicality of the creator.
  • Sensitive actor’s imagination: free and deep sense association.
  • The play of transformations.
  • Self in relation to others, objects, and space.
  • Performance as a creation tool: imagining spaces, situations, and objects.
  • Exploration through various organic and inorganic elements to reach composition and freedom of the student’s scenic body.
  • Incorporation of music as a suggestive and facilitating element for expressing emotions.
  • Choreographies: enhancing the sense of rhythm, internal pulse, and the sensation of organizing a performance.


  • Relaxation, concentration, movement, and staging exercises.
  • Improvisations.
  • Monologue work: writing, memorization, involvement, expression.
  • Actor’s dramaturgy: creation and characterization of the character based on the expressive possibilities of one’s own body.
  • Exploration of archetypes.
  • The environment. Setting and circumstances.
  • The Conflict.
  • The Dramatic Action.
  • The text / The subtext.
  • Awareness of an audience.

One individual tutoring session with Anna Sabaté is offered during the course.

* Depending on the group’s needs and dynamics, the methodology may vary.

** There are two sections with specific methodologies for each.


Schedule and prices


Students who have completed Inner Warrior Level I.


From October 2, 2024, to July 9, 2025


Wednesdays from 8:00 PM to 10:00 PM

Price Price: the Fee is 200€ / the Workshop is 1.200€. The total amount of the workshop: 1.400€

Cancellation Policy

. In case of cancellation up to 30 days before the start of the training, the course fee will be refunded, except for the registration deposit.

. In case of cancellation up to 15 days before starting the training, 50% of the course will be refunded, except for the registration deposit.

. In case of cancellation within 15 days before starting the training, or once it has started, the amount paid will NOT be refunded.

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