Personal development through the performing arts

To be seen

With Esteban Kukuriczka

Abandon oneself. Be lost. Embrace mystery and uncertainty. Let go of the notion of the Self, of authorship, of individual genius. May creation emerge from openness to encounter with the other. Open to the other, to feel, to stay there. Go to a porous, available, sensitive body to create from there. Understand the performance from that framework, from that space that creates with the other. Release the ideas and navigate the waters of uncertainty. Being lost. Acting like a box resonance, like pure vibration.

Don’t show anything, just let yourself be seen.


  • Detect areas of tensions and discharges that lead us to close our state of perception.
  • Face emotional disorganization to reorganize from organic impulses.
  • Uninstall acting clichés to achieve formal objectives by releasing control.
  • The emotional foundation: emotional availability to the other from uncertainty.


  • Physical and vocal preparation to expand perceptive capacity.
  • Availability to meet with others and with the group.
  • From the collective to the individual. What to contribute to the story.
  • Work on scenes and acting dynamics where I can detect what interferes with my instrument.

Schedule and prices


Actors and actresses, theater and film directors, dancers, acting teachers.

Students will be admitted with prior CV selection.


Monday 29 & Tuesday 30 of april


10h a 14h

Price 125€. Limited capacity: 20 students. (Over 18 years old)

Cancellation Policy

. In case of withdrawal before starting the training, the amount for which you have formalized your registration will NOT be refunded.

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