Personal development through the performing arts

Life in motion

with Victoria Colom

“Life in motion” is a method of self-knowledge and personal transformation, through movement, consciousness and dance. This pedagogy is based on expanding consciousness to see and understand the physical, mental and emotional structure that we have created over the course of our lives. This helps us broaden our gaze towards ourselves to recognize ourselves in our personality and in the love of our essential Being.

Through different individual and group dynamics of body awareness, movement and dance, the teacher-facilitator accompanies the students to explore their own body biography, becoming aware of the relationship between vital energy, movement and the character structure that has shaped your body over the course of life.

A space for creation and creativity where each participant becomes the sovereign of their body and an artist in their movements.

In addition, the group helps to sustain, open, expand and promote and reminds you that everything you conquer in yourself with movement seeds in your present life and has an impact on others.

We create an ideal scenario to release physical limitations (essentially mental), to train to open your heart little by little and embrace both your gifts and your fears, those ‘ego snitches’ that, when danced and recognized, become on a springboard to have them in our favor and design a truer way of being and being in coherence with the whisper of your inner voice. Dance as a path.


  • Recover the innate capacity for expression and movement to improve life force and energy.
  • Become aware of the body’s wisdom to activate and enhance its self-regulation mechanisms.
  • Cultivate internal observation, to recognize and identify blockages in the body to develop more nutritious and healthy ones that allow you to live with more harmony, coherence and fullness.
  • To know the physical and energetic qualities of the body to strengthen and improve personal vision and live with more harmony and joy in the relationship with oneself, with others and with the world.


  • Train life with dance to reinforce insights. Those small internal clicks that give us the ‘spark’ to expand our ability to respond to life’s events.
  • Dancing helps us drain emotions to free up space in the body and recover ‘oxygen’, energy and center.
  • Each session is experiential and unique.
  • We use different music as a vehicle to move the rigidity of the body (and its emotional boundaries), from playing, listening, breathing and movement, so that this ‘little journey inward’ is a way to root ourselves more to the ground, and thus giving voice with the body to the creative expression of the being.
  • We also perform mirror dance dynamics that enhance the truth that is reflected through the movement of another.
  • We dance, we laugh, we experiment and we allow the body/spontaneity to govern our dance, and not the thoughts.

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