Personal development through the performing arts

When the body speaks. Theater for Young People from 12 to 17 years old

This creation workshop is an adventure of self-discovery and mutual modeling that honors one’s own capacity and sensitivity. This is an opportunity where you can practice listening, integrity, autonomy and collaboration.

You will be able to enjoy curiosity and the pleasure of connecting, exploring and talking.

The facilitator, Teresa Valenzuela, will create a space where collective creation can be generated in an environment of play, trust and improvisation so that the creative process generates a magical place of presences communicating with each other.

Everyone has a place and can find their way to contribute and to be part of. All bodies can find their poetics and ethics to be part of that human fabric that navigates uncertainty and cultivates bond. We will provide young people with access to their own perceptual and expressive wealth. Dramaturgies of spaces, movements, shapes, words, images, designs, sounds, textures… We will give space to the sensitive body, the structural body, the coordinated body, the metaphorical body and the choral body.


  • Discover our instrument: body, voice. Boost your connection.
  • Work from relaxation and disinhibition.
  • Understand the different ways to build a character and their typologies.
  • Develop and enhance interpretive tools: observation, listening, empathy, spontaneity, sense of humor.
  • Understand what a dramatic conflict is.
  • Develop teamwork skills: generate proposals, accept the proposals of others.
  • Enhance creativity and imagination.
  • Enjoy the playful sense of theatrical play.


  • The ritual of meeting and closing day by day.
  • Self-reflection based on questions… Questions that direct attention to one’s own experience, practicing personal and group recording.
  • Me in relation to my own body, space, another body, objects, music, rhythm, with an idea, with an image, a texture.
  • Imagin-action. The body’s capacity for mimesis, resonance, interpretation and translation between languages. Qualities and textures of movement. Play to embody!
  • Be part/choral and move together. Place yourself in the group, belong and decide.
  • Musicality and Rhythm in the body. Sounds and silence. Each body can open to its own rhythmic being… What “music” emerges if you listen?
  • Jam or open circle of exploration/improvisation/composition. The space is generated in which to participate, observation included. It is a space open to the drifts of creation, personal and group.
  • A space for affirmation and sharing in equal opportunities. Possible sample of the process with the participants (if they wish to share it).

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