Personal development through the performing arts

Authentic Movement.

with Simona Quartucci

Authentic Movement allows for a deep connection with our internal selves that needs to be expressed, taking shape through movement, voice, sound, and encounters with others. It involves a voluntary surrender to the unknown and the void, inviting the unconscious to manifest. It is a space of presence and relationship between directing the movement and allowing ourselves to be moved by the impulses that arise from our sensations, thoughts, images, associations, emotions, feelings, and the unknown.

It is a practice that is based on the relationship established between the person who moves with closed eyes and the Witness who, with open eyes, in stillness and silence, attentively observes and listens to what is being internally moved within the person who is moving. The Witness pays attention to their own impulses, associations, and projections. They notice when they are present or absent, distracted, disconnected, or concentrated.

In this experience of being seen and seeing the other without judgment, we have the opportunity to re-visit and update our primordial experience with the gaze, facilitating our relationship with it, which is so important in our life. This allows us to expand our perception of our inner and outer space, leading to greater freedom, openness, expansiveness, and connection.

The written and spoken word captures the experience. The use of poetic and symbolic metaphors fosters, beyond logic and linear thinking, the expansion of imagination and creativity.

In inhabiting our own bodies, the unconscious becomes conscious, it moves and transforms the relationship between surrender and will, inner and outer world, individual and collective, body and soul.


  • Revisiting our own world inhabited by our thoughts and emotions, and through the body and movement, being able to embody, navigate, and transform them.
  • Rediscovering our impulses and their expression to expand our instinctive and intuitive capacity.
  • Reconnecting with our own spontaneity by reclaiming our impulses.
  • Recognizing the internal and external gaze. When we see how we look at ourselves and the world, we can initiate change.
  • Identifying the judge and its limiting actions of judgment, criticism, analysis, interpretation, and discarding material to make space for our witness.


  • Impulses: when and how they move me
  • Internal gaze – external gaze: mirrors and projections
  • Empty space and fertile void: giving space for the new to emerge
  • Witness vs Judge: the one who accepts and the one who judges

Schedule and prices


Directed to all individuals who wish to discover what stimulates or interferes with their own path, whether in the personal or professional field, in order to find a greater connection with life and their own essence.


From April 17th to July 10th. There will be no class on Monday, May 1st.


On Mondays from 5:30 PM to 7:30 PM.

Price €285


10% AADPC members
15% ACET members
20% Graduates from Institut del Teatre

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