Personal development through the performing arts

5Rhythms: Shining abyss

With Arjan Bouw

Dancing with someone is great and can be complicated at times. In order to be with the other you need to be in contact with yourself at the same time. All kinds of disruptions appear in between, as it can be difficult to stay connected with ourselves, or hard to see the other.

Dancing staccato, rooted in the body and held in the heart, helps us to define ourselves. As it’s in the body that we feel ourselves, it is there where we develop a healthy sense of self and it’s in the heart that we feel the connection to be able to meet the other with clarity. Beating, pulsing, we are blessed by the art of boundary’s grace. So this is how staccato teaches healthy boundaries, within which we shall stand in that bright abyss.


We all have this body, this beautiful container for sensations, feelings and thoughts. When you start bringing your attention to your body there is a whole inner landscape to discover. Some of these places are familiar and easy to acces, some are hidden and not easy to go into. The invitation is here to step into this landscape without having to change anything. Just to bring attention and awareness and offering all that comes onto our path into movement.

If movement is our language we enrich our vocabulary by offering all parts of the body to the dance. Body Language is the practice of actively shining the light of awareness on different areas of the body in order to see, feel, and hear what they have to say. 
This simple practice of attention, isolation (focusing on one area), and creative motion can yield so much in terms of developing mindfulness and presence. It can serve as a way to simply warm up the body, or lead us into profound work with sensations, emotions, mental patterns, and new possibilities.

By releasing the energy that is unconsciously used to block, mask, or protect emotions, we have more energy for aliveness. By developing tolerance for emotional intensity or lack of intensity, for our own feelings and others’, we form the basis for empathy and compassion.

It is great to learn to differentiate between what is mine and what is yours.


the 5Rhythms
We will dance the 5Rhythms, Flowing Staccato Chaos Lyrical Stillness®. They offer a gentle and daring way to get to know your own dance and its limitations. It is a map showing paths to free your movement in your body, heart and soul. 

We will particularly focus on the rhythm of staccato. Staccato is percussive and strong and promotes connection with the rest of the world.  This rhythm is the ruler of our linear world, the ruler of the warrior part of us, the part of us that shows up as truth and clarity. It is the part of us that stands up for what we care about, who we love, and what we love. Staccato is the fierce teacher of boundaries. And it is the protector and ambassador of our fluid being. People who fully embody the Rhythm of Staccato are defined, clear, connected and not fearful of the transparent expression of their heart. 

There will be time to dance for yourself and time with movement exercises with yourself and with others. They will be time to reflect and be still and integrate. 

Music is important part of the guidance, all tracks are chosen with care as a every song invites us to move on a different way.


Schedule and prices


To all those people who have the desire to move! Everyone is welcome, of all ages, rigid and flexible, experienced and inexperienced.


1, 2 y 3 of december


Friday: 18.30h to 21h
Saturday: 11h to 13:30h + 16h to 19.30h
Sunday: 10.30h to 13.30h + 15h to 17h

Price 185€

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. In case of cancellation before starting the training, the amount for which you have formalized your enrollment will NOT be refund.

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