Personal development through the performing arts

5 Rithms®-HARA

With Ana Escoda

The Belly, that powerful muscular sphere where we place the center of gravity of our body, is also a point where forces converge that connect all its parts.

Inside are the organs of assimilation and elimination that function at an unconscious level and are where the energetic transformation of the human being is elaborated, the mystery of procreation, where life begins.Easterners claim that the connection between spirit and body occurs there, and they practice their consciousness to find the essence of their own strength and balance.

In Gabrielle Roth’s 5 Rhythms®, the first step is to find the fluidity of the physical body, and in that task it is essential to awaken the consciousness of the Hara

In this workshop we will go through the 5 Rhythms® to encourage listening, expression, ease, expansion and sensitivity towards the body.


  • Awaken each part of the body.
  • Loosen the joints.
  • Discover meditation through movement and dance.
  • Increase the capacity for joy throughout the body.
  • Improve non-verbal communication.
  • Expand creative possibility through the body
  • Encourage self-listening and compassion.


  • Dance each of the 5 Rhythms and feel their quality of movement.
  • Discover and explore the breath linked to each beat.
  • Exercises and dynamics that promote Hara awareness throughout the Wave.
  • Movement as a means of expression through awareness.
  • Creative writing as a means to integrate experience.

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