Personal development through the performing arts

Keep Moving Method Level 1

Tune into creative potential through movement.

With Èlia Genís, Keep Moving teacher Level 1 Method

Keep Moving is a psychophysical methodology to achieve the state of consciousness necessary to become creative beings in action. It is created by Mercedes Boronat, who after 30 years of professionalism in the performing arts, brings to light the methodology for the development of human creativity.

Keep Moving is the result of the combination of a set of techniques such as contemporary dance, jazz, tao healing, Gurdijeff dances, sophrology, meditation and quantum physics.

This workshop is aimed at beginners or performing arts professionals who wish to revisit the bases of said method.

During the twelve sessions, each participant will be accompanied to prepare their own instrument to be able to create through movement. We will carry out this process through releasing tensions, activating energy, grounding the physical body, activating vitality, play, coordination, rhythm, flexibility and joy, using music as a source of inspiration. We will practice breathing exercises to bring coherence and awareness to the movement. We will train attention, perception and the language of intuition by paying attention to the spine and its flexibility. We will enter into dynamics and experience space as a source of creative information. From the state of openness, presence and alignment we will immerse ourselves in said space to create new movements and make new connections, becoming explorers of our own expressive possibilities.


  • Prepare the student so that they can be present and in a creative state, aligning the physical, mental, emotional and energetic body.
  • Through the practice of breathing, unite feeling, thinking and doing.
  • Root and activate the energy of Tan tien (energy center)
  • Become aware of the spine with the intention that it is coordinated and flexible
  • Enter a playful and creative state
  • End the session with a feeling of having transformed, having the experience of having moved from oneself and expressed from feeling and spontaneity, managing to communicate from an honest and personal place.


  • Release tension and activate energy
  • Be in the pulse, to be present
  • Breathe, providing a state of calm and mental stillness so that the body can open.
  • We will bring awareness to the physical body by feeling the work of the muscles through tension and distension exercises, allowing energy to flow through the body.
  • Train attention and perception
  • Make the spine more flexible by practicing the 5 movements
  • Experiencing space as a source of creative information


Schedule and prices


Both for professionals in the performing arts (dancers, actors, musicians, singers) as well as anyone from any other field who feels the desire to deepen and develop their creativity.Both for professionals in the performing arts (dancers, actors, musicians, singers) as well as anyone from any other field who feels the desire to deepen and develop their creativity.


From April 3 to June 26 (May 1 is a holiday and we won’t do the lesson)


Wednesday from 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.

Price €285


10% AADPC Members
15% ACET Members
20% Graduates from the Institut del Teatre

Cancellation Policy

In case of cancellation before starting the training, the amount for which you have formalized your enrollment will NOT be refunded.

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