Personal development through the performing arts

Teatro y Consciencia© Level 3

Sabaté Method Certification©

With Anna Sabaté

Many professionals are dedicated to the academic, professional, or personal development of individuals. There are teachers, coaches, trainers, consultants, therapists, and spiritual teachers, among many others. But they all have something in common: a great responsibility on their shoulders. Guiding someone on their learning journey requires commitment, but above all, it requires self-knowledge. Knowledge of one’s strengths and limitations. Of one’s own nature.

Because that self-knowledge leads to self-governance. A necessary state to direct each action toward our life purpose and, consequently, to help other people discover theirs and align all their actions with it. This is what we know as wisdom. In the Training of Trainers course, we use performing arts, in conjunction with other disciplines such as neuro-linguistic programming or Gestalt therapy, to propel you toward that inner wisdom.

A six-month journey filled with discoveries and challenges, after which you will be able to approach your role as a trainer from a more conscious perspective. About yourself and about human nature. A path where you will learn to inhabit your body, connect with your emotions, tap into your skills, gain unprecedented freedom, and confront your ego. From this position, every training you deliver will be infused with light.

That’s what we do in the Trainer Development program. We work on stage, under the spotlight, to illuminate those hidden corners of your being. The symbolism of the creative act allows us to penetrate that secret world we call the unconscious. Experience it. Feel it with artistic pulse. And thus, obtain resources and talents with which to guide our clients, identify their emotional blocks, and contribute to overcoming their limits. Offer them the best of yourself.


  • Enhance right hemisphere skills using the mind-body-emotion-voice-imagination-play-intuition connection.
  • Connect with the instinct and wisdom of the body in constant interaction with the entire emotional spectrum.
  • Acquire resources and emotional management to identify personal patterns that hinder flowing with the client or group from presence and listening.
  • Gain resources for managing the emotions and reactions of a team/workgroup.
  • Detect and confront fears/beliefs/judgments that prevent acting from the full range of resources.
  • Align individual values and personal ethics with knowledge transmission and the implementation of acquired tools.
  • Be able to transcend technique to achieve professional excellence through transformation and personal growth. Achieve the same goal with the client.
  • Acquire a methodology that allows for the development of creativity, imagination, and innovation from freedom and confidence. Foster individual natural talent by expanding and flexibilizing mental maps and overcoming personal limitations.
  • Develop teamwork: recognize and manage the “ego” to achieve connectivity through assertiveness, empathy, listening, humility, and compassion.


It is based on the fusion of various theatrical, philosophical, therapeutic, and spiritual sources in which Anna Sabaté, the center’s director and creator of the Sabaté Method©, has trained.


  • Mindfulness-based theatrical techniques, relaxation, body awareness, presence in the here and now.
  • Communication techniques for oral expression and non-verbal language. Text and subtext.
  • Meisner acting technique for professional actors to work on listening, mindfulness, reconnecting with instinct, and acting freely from impulses.
  • Alignment between thought, emotion, body, speech, and behavior.
  • Group dynamics, analysis, and creative work.
  • Rehearsals and presentation of group work.
  • Applied techniques from the performing arts such as social theater or role-play for businesses.


  • Flexibility of mental maps through the language of others.
  • Analysis of neurological levels.
  • Submodalities. Perceptual positions. Re-framing.
  • Motivational strategies to support goals and sensory anchors.
  • Creative, artistic, and metaphoric tools for realigning and modifying beliefs.
  • Polarities and their integration.


  • The here and now. Awareness.
  • Gestalt listening.
  • Defense mechanisms.


Schedule and prices


Training aimed at students who have completed the Inner Warrior Level I and II, as well as artists, trainers, teachers, coaches, consultants, therapists, and all kinds of professionals related to creativity and personal and organizational development.

Interested individuals who have not previously completed the Teatro y Consciencia© “El guerrero interior” training will be selected based on their educational background and a brief interview.

The training includes two weekend residencies:

DREAM WORKSHOP with Jaume Cardona 17 – 19 January 2025.

THERAPEUTIC NARRATIVE WORKSHOP with Jordi Amenós 14 – 16 March 2025.

Fridays from 6 PM to 9 PM; Saturdays from 10 AM to 2 PM and from 4 PM to 8 PM; Sundays from 10 AM to 2 PM.


From September 26, 2024, to March 27, 2025.


Thursdays from 7:30 PM to 10:00 PM.

Price Price: €1,500 + €250 for each Residential.

Cancellation Policy

. In case of cancellation up to 30 days before the start of the training, the course fee will be refunded, except for the registration deposit.

. In case of cancellation up to 15 days before starting the training, 50% of the course will be refunded, except for the registration deposit.

. In case of cancellation within 15 days before starting the training, or once it has started, the amount paid will NOT be refunded.

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