Personal development through the performing arts


27 Mar

World Theater Day 2023 – March 27

Today, on World Theater Day, we rescue this text by the actress Samiha Ayoub, who so much represents the soul of Espai Philae. I hope it moves you as much as it has with us and leads you to continue using Art as medicine and antidote to transform the world:To all my friends, theater artists around the world,I write this message to you on World Theater Day, and as much as I am filled with happiness to be speaking with you, every fiber of my being trembles under the weight of what we all suffer - theater artists and the non-theatrical - from the crushing pressures and conflicting sentiments amid the current state of the world [+]

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8 Mar

The possibility of coming into contact with the body.

Often, we hear the recommendation to \"get in touch with the body\" for the first time in a theater class, and it can be surprising.How? Do we need to get in touch with the body? Why? Aren\'t we always in contact with the body?The answer is, indeed, NO.The question carries poetic weight; it implies a paradox. The answer clarifies the question. Yes, we need to get in touch with the body because we tend to be held captive by our own thoughts, by a hurried, stressful daily routine dominated by haste, anxiety, and the constant dictates of \"shoulds\" and \"shouldn\'ts [+]

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