Personal development through the performing arts

The 4 thresholds: the power of telling stories

With Claudio Drapkin & Anna Sabaté

Accompanying another human being on their path of growth is a wonderful experience. From coaching, from psychological therapy, from consulting or from any teaching approach. But it is also a challenging experience that requires strength and empowerment. Because the inquisitive look of the companion appears at some point. Also their doubts and an overflowing emotionality that tests our own emotional management tools. We are fragile, like anyone else.

But fragility stops being weakness when there is knowledge. That is precisely what you will acquire with the The Four Thresholds classes: awareness of your own wounds and your own abilities. After all, how could we help someone out of self-ignorance? To help, you first have to know how to look at the other, and to know how to look at the other, you first have to know how to look at yourself. With this course we teach how to do it in a way that only theater allows: from the purest experience.

Looking another person in the eyes. Feeling your confusion. Or your pain. Or his anger. Living stories that are foreign, but that resonate within you. Stories in which there are hidden some essential resources when it comes to accompanying someone in their process of self-knowledge. Stories that will serve as a link between your own similar life moments and the job of accompanying. We will help you discover all those moments and experience them through an exciting theatrical journey.

Because we want you to live this learning. May you feel it in every muscle. May it run through your entire body. With the mask of acting, with the lights of fiction on, you will come into contact with hidden dimensions of yourself. Not from the intellectual point of view. Not from a rational point of view. From the heart. At least until the end of the course, when we will work to transfer those sensations to your work as a companion. You will leave Espai Philae feeling more legitimate to help others.


This workshop will be taught jointly by Claudio Drapkin and Anna Sabaté.

This workshop proposes you to delve into these three dimensions. Exploring the human material of the life of the accompaniment professional himself is what allows us to achieve the success of our interventions with the client, based on a transparent human connection, of heart, of soul.

The work material will be based on real scenes from the life of Claudio Drapkin, a recognized consultant with More than 20 years of experience working with people and teams from different fields, helping them in their change and transformation processes. In them there are core and structural learning for anyone who wishes to accompany them from an open, solid and loving attitude.

Theater, as a tool that allows us to live other lives, will lead us to convey and link Claudio’s autobiographical experiences with those of each participant, through the common denominator that identifies us all: our human quality.

Theater is also one of the main work tools of Anna Sabaté, who in 2016 founded the project Theater and Consciousness Sabaté Method ©, whose objective is to use artistic tools as a means towards the awakening of consciousness. Sabaté is also the founder and director of Espai Philae, the official school of Theater and Consciousness.


The job of putting yourself at the service of other people requires an essential variable in these moments of change: attitude.

From his experience, Claudio Drapkin has observed that the work of consultants, coaches, trainers, teachers or therapists, among others, it is fundamentally based on three intertwined dimensions:

The constant “State of Flow” between learning and practice of all the techniques acquired in our work environment.

The “Surrender”, or how to accompany from the generosity and humility that comes with understanding the greatness of life that is projected in the actions of those we accompany and the sacredness of each human being we touch.

The “Hero’s Journey”, understanding and experiencing first-hand the path of self-knowledge as a fundamental step to access higher degrees of truth and knowledge. It is the path that leads to recognizing and transcending the treasures that are hidden in the most hidden places of our lives, whether they are pain, pleasure or joy.

Schedule and prices


This course is mainly aimed at consultants, coaches, trainers, teachers and therapists.


April 26, 27 and 28, 2024


Fridays from 6-9:15 p.m.; Saturday from 9:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. and from 4 to 8 p.m., Sunday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Price €400

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. In case of cancellation before starting the training, the amount for which you have formalized your registration will NOT be refunded.

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